About Frank

Why choose Frank Risalvato as your Coach?

It was late summer 1987.

I had just received a gleaming review from the president of the company I was working for in New York City.

I was told by the president of the firm that I was doing well and being groomed as a “junior executive”.

Then came the stock market crash of October 1987.

By November, our company’s sales had plummeted like a cold souffle. I was called up to a meeting by a low level superior (whom technically I was supposed to be a peer to) and given the news that my services will “No longer be needed.” The president himself … who hired me …  lacked the fortitude to handle the dismissing himself.

I received next week’s pay check and that was the end of my glorious career. Or so I thought. It was actually the beginning of the best promotion I ever had.

I was 28 years old. This was my second layoff resulting from “economic forces beyond my control”. At both jobs I had received praise, promotions, and rave reviews. Both ended in layoffs. The result of my dedication and staying at work from 7 am to 7 pm did not result in what I had hoped.

I decided enough was enough.

I jumped into the search industry that same November of 1987 … and as I write this … I have never ever looked back or harbored any desire to return to working for a corporate environment where my future would be in the hands of other’s decisions.

I know what it is like to start from “zero”.

I came from nothing and built a significant search brand through hard work, toil, and endless dedication and passion to our industry’s craft. Many enter the search industry and leave soon after to be frustrated as soon as they reach a small “speed bump” in the economy. But “Bumps” and challenges are what strengthen your skills and character.

In 1991 I created IRES, Inc. … my first search firm.

In 1994 I created my second company, IRES Temps in 1994, while adding several specialty groups to IRES simultaneously over the ensuing years including:

  • Pharmaceutical/Research/Formulation/FDA
  • Scientists/Biologists/Cosmetic Chemists
  • Legal/Paralegal/Insurance Claims
  • Marketing/Brand Management
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Information Technology (referred by various acronyms from M.I.S. through E.D.P. over years)
  • Office Support
  • Insurance staffing
  • Contract help in all the above (through the IRES Temps entity)
  • … and more

I attracted Talent from within the corporations and industries I wanted as clients:

During each step of the way I continued to learn methods and hone systems that maximized revenue, increased profits all while minimizing headaches and inter-office bickering and bantering.

Today, many of my recruiting articles, techniques and methods are frequently featured in print, online publications, and even presented to Trade & Staffing Associations.

Among such are:

  • The Fordyce Letter
  • National Association of Personnel Services (www.naps360.org)
  • www.recruitersworld.com (where I run a monthly column)
  • collegerecruiter.com
  • Forbes, Fortune, CFO commentaries and quotes
  • Careerjournal.com
  • CNBC
  • Various radio talk shows
  • State staffing associations
  • Trade & Business Associations
  • American Staffing Association

The material presented to the above forums and media is only a small example of what I provide during my coaching sessions.

While there is plenty of “free” material I disseminate semi-annually …. I can assure you that is only the tip of the iceberg, and limited in scope.

You will derive FAR GREATER benefits from calling 704-243-2110 and investing one hour or so of your time to find out what we are doing TODAY rather than waiting three to five years from now to learn what we are currently testing and discovering in our research lab.

Imagine what you can learn from investing in a few hours with a relentless perfectionist like myself!

Call us at 704-243-2110.

Frank G. Risalvato, CPC