David Gillies on Maximizing Book from Amazon

***** (5) Star Review on Amazon

If you have been in recruiting long enough, you will know that there is a dirth of recruiters out there who promise expert process and surgical recruiting efforts. In 90% of the cases, it is pure marketing hype.

This mass hysteria to differentiate one firm from another has generated a ton of buzz words and phrases meant to “wow” clients. In reality, it has caused clients to hear “grey noise” when a recruiter talks, because – quite frankly – they have grown highly skeptical of what recruiters say. They just don’t believe us anymore. I can’t blame them, and I am kind of glad, because now our body of work…rather than words…is more important than ever.

I have finally found a way to shortly, and concisely get my points across…all at one time. In response to my long coverletter to a client, Frank cut it down to the one introductory paragraph and explained that “the client either gets it, or they don’t”. Let the book do its job. That is exactly what I am going to do.

Good job, Frank.

– David Gillies
Kern Search

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