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Thank you for your interest in Frank G. Risalvato as your next company event or professional association speaker (ME).

Frank has consistently managed executive recruiting consulting projects leading to high level hires since the late nineteen-eighties.

He thrives living the life of an executive recruiter and one of the country’s respected thought leaders (at least that’s what they all tell me).

His training concepts and material are regularly sought by recruiting publications, and associations nationally, often appearing in Recruiting Life (the online publication of NAPS), The Fordyce Letter, Recruiters World and numerous other recruiter training oriented forums.

He loves meeting recruiters at functions across the U.S. … hearing “war stories” and sharing the formulas he has learned that result in consistent success.

When multiplied by the months in each year, his level of hiring amounts to millions of dollars in salaries he has personally nurtured to the successful offer/hire/acceptance stage. This being separate from other recruiters he has trained and hired over the decades which at one time exceeded twelve recruiters all trained by Frank himself using his own manuals and books he wrote and authored from scratch.

He has spoken at many professional trade associations including:

  • The American Marketing Association
  • State Staffing Associations
  • National staffing functions
  • Colleges/Universities, High Schools, and post-secondary educational institutions
  • Church Groups, Community Job-seeking groups Professional Networking groups such as
  • Industry and Trade Associations (example: Chem-Pharma Association of Pharmaceutical/Chemistry Executives)
  • FEI – Financial Executive Institute  … and many more

In each of Franks live presentations, he provides thought-provoking, innovative concepts he has actually used to produce mutually rewarding success for client companies and professionals.  He does not focus on “billings” but on the “whole balance” of a recruiter’s life.

In fact Frank while in his mid-thirties, his company IRES, Inc. was on auto-pilot producing consistent quarterly revenue as he took frequent four day weekends and enjoyed early afternoons at his lake front home.

Each of Franks presentations result in rousing laughter as he presents the material with unique blend of humor, intensity with a blend of sensitivity to the individual audience while injecting wit derived from his street smart approach to business.

He has a love of his profession and a passion for demonstrating his ability to help others.

If you book Frank allow extra time at the end of your event. Because in each of Franks live appearances and presentations. The results are often long lines of individuals patiently waiting to eagerly speak to him one-on-one after your event.

Frank often remains at such events for hours after they have officially ended to help such individuals on a personal basis when possible.

Compared to some in the recruiting industry that come across as “used car salesmen” … Frank considers himself more unassuming and low key

in his approach even though he is lively.

We  suggest booking as early as possible with a two to three month advance being preferred.

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