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Live Audio Clips from Frank’s Office to Yours…


Why Your Calls Are Not Getting Returned!
Senior Vice President, publicly traded corporation: Tells why he’s not returning your calls


Recruiter Training: Explanation of Manager’s Promotion Clearing the Way for our services
Frank explains the following Voice mail of a Client who has just been promoted and clears the way to use our Recruiting Services.


Recruiter Training: Client Voice Mail on his Promotion Clearing the Way to use our Services
Client leaves a message on his recent promotion and the opening of the door to use our services, where the previous manager was unreceptive to working with us. He even gives us a lead on a potential candidate we can reach out to on his behalf.


Recruiter Training: Explanation of Candidate Voice Mail on Counter Offer
Frank explains following Voice mail of Candidate discussing Counter Offer concerns.


Recruiter Training: Candidate Voice Mail on Counter Offer
Candidate leaves a message on the counter offer and references the pamphlet that Frank had sent him “Working With An Executive Recruiter” which addresses this issue.


Recruiter Training: Session on the State of the Recruiting Industry
Actual training session with Search Entrepreneurs where Frank Risalvato, CPC speaks on the State of the Recruiting Industry.


Recruiter Training: Session with UK
Actual training session with the Big Biller Summit from the UK.


Recruiter Training: New Client
Actual call with HR and company hiring manager for new client fortune 500 company.


Recruiter Training: Testimonial
Actual testimonial from search firm manager who uses candidate and client booklets and guides on

Recruiter Training: Client Voice Mail # 1
Actual company hiring manager voice message referencing the call was returned due to “emails received” which contained attachments featured on this site.

Recruiter Training: Live Post Interview Feedback!
Here’s PROOF that our system “OVER PREPARES” candidates like no other! The candidate herself attests to it!

Recruiter Training: Voice Mail #2 Explanation
Explanation of what you will hear in Voice Mail Message #2 just below.

Recruiter Training: Client Voice Mail #2
REAL VOICE MAIL demonstrating how impressive attachments (available on this site) resulted in a returned call. Pay special attention to the end.

Recruiter Training: Explanation of Voice Mail #3 (below)
Play this first so you can understand what you are hearing in the next clip. Note the reference made to “attachments” sent by email.

Recruiter Training: Client Voice Mail #3
Actual client voice message demonstrating how my attachments resulted in a returned phone call!

Recruiter Training: Client Voice Mail #4
Actual client / HR / Recruiter conference call to set up the initial search criteria and answer questions on both sides.